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January 11, 2019

The Sun and Pluto align in Capricorn today, imbuing us with greater self-discipline, patience, and determination than usual. Use this energy wisely, and make progress on key endeavors that you’ve been meaning to complete. The New Moon Eclipse Magic will be intensely felt for the next four days, so it’s a perfect time to commit to a fresh start. Whether that means starting a healthy eating or fitness regimen, dedicating yourself to an artistic craft such as writing daily or performing your art, or working on detoxing from addictive technological habits, you’ll feel ready to stand firmly in your new beginning. Visualize yourself thriving as a result of the investments you’re currently making. Don’t focus too much on how it’s all going to happen, but rather focus on the feeling of it already unfolding even better than you may have planned. A lot of what you’re learning this year has to do with release, acceptance, and gratitude. Trust that every baby step you’re taking right now serves a larger purpose…

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