Where Scorpios come to soar.

January 10, 2020

You’re a magician, Scorpio. Today’s lunar eclipse in Cancer reminds you of your superpowers. They may have been dormant or inconsistent lately, especially since Uranus, the Planet of Change, has been retrograde for the past five months. But today it goes direct, on the same day as the eclipse, and it catapults you into a new way of looking at the world, yourself, and your relationships. You can create whatever reality you choose — it means being radically honest with yourself first about the realities you’ve outgrown, and why. You don’t have to overthink anything right now or react impulsively. Let the cleansing energy that’s coursing through you lead the way. This eclipse isn’t only about seeing the light, but acknowledging your shadows. Both coexist and guide you as you evolve. 

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