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February 4, 2019

Happy New Moon, Scorpio! Today’s vibes will have you thinking of your home, your family, your past, and your roots. You may be prepared to start anew in these realms, either by moving, relocating, investing in real estate, redecorating, having a new family member, or mourning the loss of one. This New Moon will allow you to plan and strategize, while detaching yourself from the outcome of what happens. It’s important for you to connect with your community and family today. Stop putting the weight of the world on your shoulders and feeling like you have to save everyone. You are only responsible for your own happiness. Just know that the actions you take have an influence on those around you. This New Moon can transform your lifestyle within the next 6 months, so take time to be clear about where you’d like to live, with whom you’d like to live, and what you’re intentionally building in your environment. Cut toxic habits or mindsets, and make room for more blessings.

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