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February 14, 2020

With the Moon now in your sign as the weekend begins, all eyes, ears and mouths will be on you, Scorpio. What do you plan to do with all this attention? A part of you may be shying away from it, or in denial that it exists in the first place. Since Mercury Retrograde’s two days away, you may receive attention from past lovers, or the ones you thought you’d never connect with again. Some of you may be opening up to attention from someone relatively new, but with caution. And others may be chillin’ solo, in their own world, indulging in your own fantasies. There’s no right or wrong to how to navigate today’s Scorpio Moon — just feel your way through it and do what feels right in the present moment. You can say yes to that date or you can be be a hermit. You can be a hermit with your date. You can be your own date. It’s your world. 

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