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February 1, 2019

Welcome to February, Scorpio. The Moon and Saturn both align in Capricorn as the month begins, so we’ll be taking life more seriously as we explore our monthly goals and aspirations. The key is to not put too much on your plate, and to streamline your tasks in a way that makes you feel productive, but not overwhelmed with responsibilities. Life becomes infinitely easier once you start practicing saying “no” to things you simply do not want to do. It doesn’t matter if the request is from a family member, close friend, or “authority figure”. If it doesn’t feel right and doesn’t resonate with you, do not subject yourself to it, especially in a consistent way. People-pleasing must go out the window this month, and it all begins with you loving yourself enough to know what you do and don’t tolerate in your life. Take time as this new month begins to reflect on what brings you the most joy, and make sure that you’re prioritizing its presence in your life.

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