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December 7, 2017

The Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Sagittarius today, so the energy in the cosmos is fiery, flirtatious, and full of life. Since Saturn is nearing the end of its journey through our security and income sector, you’ll be feeling an urge to stay focused on adopting an abundance-mindset. Pay attention to the thoughts you have when you’re thinking about money. Take time to create mantras that are focused on wealth flowing into your life with ease and consistency. Take time to think back about the relationship you’ve had with money throughout the course of your life, and how that relationship can now evolve to best suit your current lifestyle. The key to being wealthy is to first feel wealthy within yourself, and that can be done by counting your blessings. Before asking for more, take stock of everything you already have, no matter how small. This shift in perspective will open the floodgates for your continued abundance.

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