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December 5, 2018

We’re one day away from the end of Mercury Retrograde, and two days away from the Sagittarius New Moon. So many suppressed emotions are coming to the surface of your life, and it’s important to resist the urge to weed through them all at once. Take your time as you identify memories that may be popping back up into your subconscious in order to reveal a pattern of behavior that must be modified or transformed. Mercury Retrograde truly threw us all for a loop, especially since it’s the last one of 2018. We were forced to face our insecurities, our resentments, our drama and our pain. But as Scorpios, we’re able to rise from our ashes and learn from our struggle, so you’ll end this retrograde fiercer and more courageous than ever. Since the Sag New Moon is quickly approaching, you’ll want to enter this new cycle of life without any baggage weighing you down. Be willing to peel back the layers and confront any lingering triggers in your relationships, career path, and yourself. Spend time journaling, cleaning your environment, and detoxing from energies that have a negative effect on you. A new beginning awaits.

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