Where Scorpios come to soar.

December 3, 2019

This next week will be relatively calm astrologically speaking, Scorpio, and you should use this more mellow energy to press reset on any area of your life where you’ve felt mental clutter. The grounding energy of Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn blends well with the clarifying vibes of Mars in Scorpio. This is helping you weed through distractions in your life and focus on what’s essential to your long-term growth. Just make sure you don’t get so caught up in purging and re-organizing that you forget to have fun. With the Moon in Pisces, fun should be prioritized just as much as more practical tasks. Start a painting. Have a dance party in your room, naked. Send a series of wild sexts. Play hooky (if you can finesse it lol don’t blame me otherwise), and live your best life. Life’s about balance, right?

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