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December 1, 2018

The first day of the month will begin on a serious, slightly nostalgic note as Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio. Think back on the past 11 months of the year, Scorpio. You’ve undergone a more intense transformation than most zodiac signs due to Jupiter being in your sign most of the year. While the journey was full of extremes — high highs and low lows — you’re now at a point where you can understand why you went through all of these experiences. Instead of trying to rush towards the end of the year, take time to be present during these final 30 days of 2018. Be present with yourself, your loved ones, your hopes, your fears, your apprehensions, your inspirations, and your daily routine. This will help you ground yourself in the here and now instead of always planning some unknown future. This month will provide you with the ability to find closure on matters of the past that have held you back from fully blooming.

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