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December 1, 2017

Venus, the Planet of Love, leaves our sign on this first day of December, and enters fiery Sagittarius. This takes place two days before the Full Moon in Gemini lights up the cosmos, and Mercury Retrograde begins. December therefore starts off on a fiery note, with the Sun, Venus and Saturn all in spontaneous Sagittarius. You may feel the urge to let go of your usual routine and do something liberating and exciting. But keep in mind that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, remains in Sagittarius for another 18 days, and it’s highlighting Scorpio’s security and finance sector. You’re therefore being asked to put in work in order to create a lifestyle that grants you more freedom. Simply put, avoid procrastinating or delaying your own rewards today, Scorpio. Start December off strong by tackling your to-do list, while taking breaks to reward yourself as needed. If you start off this month strong, you’ll end 2017 strong too, and it’ll have a domino effect for the coming year.

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