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Scorpio’s August Forecast

Can you believe it’s already August, Scorpio? So much has been going on this year. The first half may have felt slower, due to the constant retrograding planets, but July definitely seemed to have flown by, largely due to the fact that your ruling planet Mars was in your sign all month long, pushing you … Continued

Scorpio’s July 2016 Forecast

July will be one of the best months of the year. Say it, believe it, take action towards it, and it will be so. Your renewed confidence is due to Mars, one of your ruling planets, now being direct in Scorpio until August 2. It is very rare for a sign to have Mars in … Continued

Scorpio’s June Forecast

The month of June symbolizes the halfway point of the year, and in many ways, this month will feel like you have arrived at a crossroads in your life and personal journey. Once you make it through June, you’ll experience significant milestones in July, and the transformative magic will last throughout Scorpio Season. But before … Continued

Scorpio’s May Horoscope

May the force be with you this month, Scorpio, as we are dealing with five planets in retrograde — that is the greatest amount of retrograding planets we have experienced simultaneously in over a decade. While that may be worrying you, if you’re well-prepared you’ll be able to use this month’s more passive energy to … Continued

Scorpio April 2016 Forecast

It may have felt like you were just making your new year resolutions, and now it’s already April. Well, luckily, time will slow down a bit this month. After a very hectic, eclipse-packed month of March, the month of April allows us to enjoy the ride and take in the scenery. So much has happened … Continued

Scorpio March 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to month 3 out of 12, Scorpio. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild month. It’s officially the beginning of eclipse season in 2016. We will be experiencing a Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse in one month. Since eclipses symbolize long-awaited and much needed change, there will be many unexpected yet necessary … Continued

Scorpio February 2016 Horoscope

And just like that, 1/12 of the year 2016 is already complete. Goodbye January, hello February. This month will be one of the best astrological time periods of the year, so make sure you’re ready to start off strong. This is the first month in which Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Scorpio for … Continued

Scorpio January 2016 Horoscope

Welcome, 2016… We have been waiting for you. This month is the first of twelve in which we will be seeking stability, structure, and security in all aspects of our lives, particularly our financial and romantic ones. Scorpios have made it through almost three years of Saturn in our sign, and 2016 is the first … Continued

Scorpio December Horoscope

We have arrived at the final month of 2015. This year may have felt like it flew by, but December is a month where we will want to cherish every single day — it’s full of excitement, surprises, and positive changes pushing us along our path towards success. We will be experiencing an infusion of … Continued

Scorpio November Horoscope

November is a month that will be especially pleasing to Scorpios. The Sun will be in Scorpio for the first three weeks, infusing our hearts with passion, magnetism, sex appeal, intensity and persistence. The first day of November begins with the Sun, Moon and Neptune, all in Water signs — Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces — … Continued

October Monthly Horoscope

October has arrived, which means that Scorpio Season is just around the corner. Every year, when the Sun gets ready to enter Scorpio, Scorpios feel a deep sense of anticipation and a need to find internal and external balance in their lives. That is because the first 22 days of October belong to Libra Season, … Continued

Scorpio September Horoscope

September is here, Scorpio. Scorpio Season is quickly approaching, but you will have to get through this month before the birthday festivities begin. September is a month of both action and reflection, full of stimulating and diverse cosmic energy. Some of the highlights of the month include Venus going direct, Mercury going Retrograde, Saturn finally … Continued