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Scorpio’s July 2017 Horoscope

Welcome to month seven out of twelve, Scorpio. This is one of the best months of 2017, if you’re willing to put in the work and accept the abundance coming your way. But if your subconscious mind is in a state of disbelief or rejection of your blessings, then you will find this month challenging … Continued

Scorpio’s June 2017 Horoscope

We’ve made it to the 6th month of the year, Scorpio. The month of June can be a major crossroads and turning point for you, especially since we’re quickly approaching the most momentous event of 2017: Jupiter entering Scorpio. While the Planet of Luck won’t officially enter our sign until October 2017, the work that … Continued

Scorpio’s May 2017 Horoscope

You’ve made it to the month of May, Scorpio. This is the month in which the annual Full Moon in Scorpio takes place! This year, it’s taking place on May 10, 2017, and it will be life-changing. You’ll already feel its upcoming energy as the month begins, and you’ll especially feel it after May 3, … Continued

Scorpio’s April 2017 Horoscope

For many Scorpios, April marks the beginning of their half-birthday month, and that is significant for many reasons. Astrology operates on cycles, and with the recent New Moon that took place in the last week of March, we have begun a six-month cycle of regeneration, rebirth, and new beginnings. Six months from now, we’ll be … Continued

Scorpio’s March 2017 Horoscope

March is a month where you’ll feel life start to slow down, and that’s a good thing, Scorpio. Slowing down doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to reach your goals as quickly. It simply means that you’re going to take the time to appreciate how many of your goals are already accomplished. In January and … Continued

Scorpio’s February 2017 Forecast

Remember what I said last month about entering 2017 with as few expectations as possible? You’re probably understanding why I said it right about now, Scorpio. January was a pretty wild month, with countless twists and turns, highs and lows, and many periods of adjustments. You were probably caught off guard by many people, situations, … Continued

Scorpio’s January 2017 Forecast

Welcome to 2017, Scorpio. Take a moment to reflect upon the fact that human beings have lived on Earth for millions of years. They too have had dreams, tears, hopes, fears, deceptions, joys, sorrows, and passions. They too have loved, lost, and persevered. They too have given birth, died, and transcended. Let that thought guide … Continued

Scorpio’s December 2016 Horoscope

And just like that, we’ve entered the last month of the year. Welcome to December, Scorpio. Hold on tight, ‘cause it’s going to be a wild ride. December starts off with the promise of hope, with a dazzling New Moon in Sagittarius lighting up Scorpio’s security sector. Because this New Moon makes an aspect to … Continued

Scorpio’s November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to November, Scorpio. We’re more than a week into Scorpio Season, so you must be feeling the intensity in the air. The month begins on a magnificently strong note, as the New Moon in Scorpio has just occurred two days prior. This is our only New Moon of the year, and its effects will … Continued

Scorpio’s October 2016 Forecast

This is it. The month in which Scorpio Season begins. Welcome to October, Scorpio. All year long, it may have felt like you were fighting an uphill battle. But every single step you took, and every effort you contributed, was for a reason. This month you may finally find out what that reason is. The … Continued

Scorpio’s September 2016 Forecast

We have made it to the ninth month of the year — meaning that after September ends, we’ll already be 75% done with 2016. That’s pretty crazy, but let it motivate you to take this last quarter of 2016 and dominate the whole way through. The month of September will have a much different overall … Continued

Scorpio’s August Forecast

Can you believe it’s already August, Scorpio? So much has been going on this year. The first half may have felt slower, due to the constant retrograding planets, but July definitely seemed to have flown by, largely due to the fact that your ruling planet Mars was in your sign all month long, pushing you … Continued