@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 22, 2020

Today is 10/22/2020 in astrology, and this numerology represents spiritual ascension and alignment. With the Capricorn Moon still guiding you towards the pinnacles of success, you’re bound to feel powerful and full of purpose today, Scorpio. The Sun will be shifting into our sign in a few hours, and you’ll find yourself reflecting on what lessons your upcoming Solar Return is here to teach you. Use this final day of Libra Season to remind yourself of the magic of being patient and present, even amidst the unknown. While the recent astrological alignments may have shook your core, you’re out here ready to rebuild based on your newest self’s intentions. Celebrate your magic, my love. You’ve already come so far, and like a Phoenix, you were born to soar even higher.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 21, 2020

The Moon‘s shifted into Capricorn, and this is activating your sector of communication and community, Scorpio. These final two days of Libra Season are helping you pay attention to your spiritual world with greater self-compassion. Today you may find yourself more able to express deeper truths, with the help of Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds. Be patient with yourself and others if you find yourself in a purging process, and if you feel like there’s closure that needs to be had. Become curious about what your heart has been wanting to express, and be honest about what you’re seeking to know from others. Having moments of uncertainty as you clarify your intentions is part of your journey, so honor each breath and each step. You’re shedding dead skin and turning yourself into ash as you prepare to rise from it once Scorpio Season begins.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 20, 2020

Today the Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Mars in Aries in a way that makes you aware of what you’re truly feeling, Scorpio. Feeling jealous, possessive, petty and moody is just as natural as feeling joyful, generous, grateful and loving. Allow yourself to laugh a bit more at feelings that may emerge throughout the day, even if they’re intense to process or navigate. The more you allow yourself to shift your perspective on what’s manifesting in your life, the more clear you become on what you even want. Your emotions are fertile soil for your soul — they’re your internal guides. So listen to yourself, and get curious about your actions and reactions today. Let them show you what you may have been denying yourself. It’s time to gift yourself your own prize. Life hack: you are the prize.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 19, 2020

Scorpio, the week starts off with the Moon transitioning out of our sign and entering adventurous Sagittarius. Then later today, Venus in Virgo harmoniously aligns with Jupiter in Capricorn, and Mercury and Uranus oppose each other. You’ll find yourself drawn to taking greater leaps of faith in your life, and trusting in the abundance the Universe has to offer you. The purifying energy of Libra Season and the Libra New Moon is here to help you trust that life can work out in your favor — it can even work out better than you expected. The key is to roll with the momentum of energy that feels both exciting and purposeful. If you’re focused on thriving in your own lane, your ascension becomes increasingly powerful, and the path to your dreams is built before your eyes. Imagine yourself already there.

SM’s Wknd Scopes 10/17 – 10/18/20

With the Moon now in our sign all weekend long, we’ll be feeling the upcoming energy of Scorpio Season, and it’ll feel electrifying. So many of your desires are within your grasp, Scorpio, and it feels refreshing to witness your own metamorphosis. Take as much time as you need on your own this weekend, even if you have other responsibilities to tend to. By retreating into your own world, and honoring your journey, you’ll get more cosmic downloads from the Universe and you’ll become more aware of where to place your energy. You may have had to let go of people, mindsets and circumstances recently, and it’s all starting to make sense. You can feel your new beginning being born in this moment. This may inspire you to set some magical intentions this weekend. They’ll feel so fun and expansive. It’s what you deserve!

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 16, 2020

Today’s mystical Libra New Moon activates your sector of spirituality and healing, Scorpio. Since Libra is the sign of partnerships, you may be thinking of which connections in your life need the most healing — it may be the one you have with yourself, and it may be ones you previously pushed aside. Make the decision that healing doesn’t have to be some tough, strenuous, endless process. It can simply be something that comes to you as naturally as taking consistent breaths and releasing them back out into the world. Today’s Libra New Moon invites you to envision yourself living with ease, in harmony with yourself and the world, six months from now. So much can and will change in six months, and the seeds you plant today are leading to the manifestation of the life of your dreams.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 15, 2020

Today, Scorpio, one of our planetary rulers, Pluto engages in a square with the Libra Sun. This serves as a cosmic reminder that if we’ve felt pulled in many directions, we should shift our attention inward and figure out what’s most essential for us to do right now. Instead of getting caught up in mindless banter or endless to-do lists, spend today crafting a balance between dreamy activities that are soothing, and more practical duties that will help you make significant progress towards long-term goals. There’s one day until a regenerative Libra New Moon, so avoid piling too many additional responsibilities on your plate. You’ve already come so far. Rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 14, 2020

With the Virgo Moon opposing Neptune in Pisces today, Scorpio, you’ll be feeling like life’s the ultimate dream, and you’ll also know that dreams can go in whatever direction one chooses. So take time to get clear on what your inner compass is currently craving, all while making room for a change of heart. As we approach Scorpio Season, your intuition is speaking to you with an increasing amount of clarity. Mercury’s retrograde in our sign also helps us slow down enough to pay attention to repeating themes in our lives, and get curious about what they mean for us. Giggle at life’s synchronicities today, Scorpio. Not everything has to be a super serious lesson. Sometimes the Universe is just winking at you and encouraging you to play more. 

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 13, 2020

Today Mercury begins its retrograde in our sign, Scorpio. This will be a three-week transit that can increase our desire to better know and understand our own selves. We may actually become better communicators during this retrograde because we’ve had all year to reflect on lessons and patterns within ourselves and our partnerships. This period is about getting clear about the energies we want to give and receive, and holding ourselves accountable for making sure the Universe and those around us are aware of our needs. We can’t receive what we don’t have the courage to ask for, Scorpio. So ask for what you want with the belief that it’s already yours. Open your eyes and see when it arrives. And when it comes, it’s up to you to receive it with open arms and a spirit of gratitude.

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 10.12 – 10.18.20

Exciting news! After a few months off, I am offering one-on-one phone / Skype consultations again, just in time for Scorpio Season! If you’ve been wanting to dive more deeply into your chart with a professional astrologer and figure out what your current path is, I’m here to help. Book your private reading with me here.

Scorpio, this week is about having deep self-compassion for yourself and others. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, begins its three-week retrograde in our zodiac sign, which means we’re going through a personal process of reconditioning ourselves to reach our greatest potential, all while letting ourselves slow down and acknowledge how much we’ve already journeyed.

As much as Scorpios love forward momentum and making transformative changes to their lives, the fact that Venus is in Virgo and so many planets are direct in Capricorn means that we still have to do more grounding, and we must take time to unearth what our true passions are and why. Instead of fearing this final Mercury Retrograde, embrace it. You will have to be patient, Scorpio. You will have to laugh more, and stress less. You will have to take several breathers when you find yourself ready to snap on someone. And you will have to accept the emotions that surface during this intentional slow-down and reset period. Once Mercury goes direct November 3rd, you’ll be glad you trusted the process.

This week’s energy is relatively mellow as we approach the Libra New Moon taking place October 16th. From the 12th – 15th, we’ll feel the dark-of-the-moon energy as the Moon hangs out in Virgo before entering Libra. Our more self-critical sides may emerge at this time, and we may at first feel like we’re running out of time. This is an illusion though, Scorpio. We’re very much on track with our own journey, it’s just that at times it feels disorienting when we’re at the brink of having our wishes come true.

Monday through Thursday you’ll be asking yourself if you really want what you’ve been saying that you want. You may need to spend time on your own during those days so that you’re not overly influenced by outside thoughts and opinions. The more you let go of external attachments and judgments, the more you hear, learn, trust and love yourself. You’re being asked to get to the core of your desires, and the dark-of-the-moon period in Virgo will show you how much less is more. Yes, you can do and have it all. But what’s the most essential for you to have right now, and the most fulfilling? Focus on those desires and let them come to you. Read your monthly forecast here for more insights on what October 2020 has in store.

Romantically, you’ll also be embracing the energy of intention and minimalism, particularly once the Libra New Moon strikes this weekend. Use the 16th and 17th to set your New Moon Intentions regarding the healing you’d like to experience romantically. If you know there are patterns that you’re ready to break, such as your desires to return to a lover who isn’t good for you, have an honest conversation with yourself about that cycle, and set the intentions that six months from now you’ll be free from that recurring pattern and welcoming fresh energy. The lighter energy of this Libra New Moon combined with the purity of Venus in Virgo and the specificity of Mercury’s transit through Scorpio invites you to be more selective about your lover(s), while also acknowledging your own areas of improvement that can help you become a more wholesome lover.

You’ll be less judgmental and extreme this weekend, allowing you to open yourself up to love in several interesting and perhaps unexpected ways. If you’re rolling your eyes reading this, skeptical that love is even a possibility for you, it’s important for you to first expand your idea of what love is — you may at first attract a deeply platonic love that becomes something else over time. You must also remind yourself that you are love itself, and as you treat yourself with love, the Universe will know more of what you want, and it will make its way to you.

For cosmic inspiration on how to manifest the love life of your dreams, my visual for “Love Mantra” is officially out! Watch this to transform the way you view, give, and receive love forever.

There’s a New Moon this week, making it a powerful time to take part in a New Moon Intentions Ritual. Take time this week to decide what you’re ready to manifest in the next six months, and start the process of planting seeds that will help your garden flourish. I have created a Manifestation Moon Guide to help you with this process. Enjoy!

KTZ’s Manifestation Moon Guide


Becoming aware of the phases and cycles of the Moon, particularly the New and Full Moon phases, is an essential step to manifesting your dream life. KTZ’s Manifestation Moon Guide breaks down the power of using lunar cycles to get clear about what to release, what to refine, what to ask for, and how to let go. In this Moon Guide, KTZ founder Dossé-Via shares her New Moon intention-setting tips as well as a Full Moon release + gratitude ritual. As a bonus, she explains how the Crescent, Quarter, and Gibbous Moon phases are essential parts of one’s manifestation process too. Order this Manifestation Moon Guide if you’re ready to take your ascension journey to the next level, using the most intuitive astrological energy as your resource.

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Becoming aware of the phases and cycles of the Moon, particularly the New and Full Moon phases, is an essential step to manifesting your dream life. KTZ’s Manifestation Moon Guide breaks down the power of using lunar cycles to get clear about what to release, what to refine, what to ask for, and how to let go. In this Moon Guide, KTZ founder Dossé-Via shares her New Moon intention-setting tips as well as a Full Moon release + gratitude ritual. As a bonus, she explains how the Crescent, Quarter, and Gibbous Moon phases are essential parts of one’s manifestation process too. Order this Manifestation Moon Guide if you’re ready to take your ascension journey to the next level, using the most intuitive astrological energy as your resource.


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@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope October 12, 2020

As we approach the dark of the moon period, Scorpio, you’ll be exploring your shadow side and unearthing some deep truths regarding mental or spiritual blockages you may have felt recently. Even if your life is full of blessings, it’s okay and healthy to also acknowledge the challenges, the hardships, and the lonelier part of the journey that most people don’t see. As a Scorpio, you tend to internalize your own metamorphosis and evolution, and you try to avoid sharing your problems with others, so as to not be a burden to them. But did you ever stop and consider that burying your needs within yourself rather than setting them free may lead to you being more of a burden to yourself? Today you may decide that it’s time to shift the frequency. We’re two days away from Mercury’s retrograde in our sign, and this insightful transit will help us face what must be faced and do what must be done.

SM’s Wknd Scopes 10/10 – 10/11/20

Scorpio, Jupter and Neptune meet in the sky this week in a harmonious sextile that’ll create a fantastic opportunity for you to get back in touch with the part of you that is naturally spiritual, loose, easygoing, and constantly connected to universal abundance. Clearing your psyche of things that emotionally burden you and replacing the space with forgiveness allows you to step into a new sense of humble and quiet personal power this weekend. Not everyone can see what you’re healing behind the scenes, but your energy will tell it all. Keep glowing.