Scorpio, the way you pursue and view connection is going through a shift. Today Venus, the Planet of Relationships, shifts out of Gemini after having been there since April 2020, and enters Cancer for the next four weeks. Venus in Gemini had us feeling more explorative and adventurous in our love and social lives. We lightened up, opened up, laughed more, flirted more, and found ourselves being both more adaptable and also more indecisive in matters of the heart. Some Scorpios may find that they had several suitors and crushes these past four months, and some Scorpios also considerably deepened their relationship with their own self during Venus in Gemini, as they remembered that they are their own lover first and foremost. Now that Venus is in Cancer, activating Scorpio’s sector of expansion, we’ll find ourselves wanting to feel both emotionally secure and spiritually free in our connections. If we previously were unsure of which direction to move in romantically, Venus in Cancer will help us clarify our own desires, and we’ll start to make solid decisions about who we want to love and who we want to be loved by. I love that for us!