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August 7, 2018

Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, begins its 5-month retrograde today in the sign of Taurus. Since Uranus travels further from the sun, you won’t necessarily feel the effects of this retrograde on a personal level as much as when closer planets are retrograde. But on an energetic and global level, everything is shifting and you will become aware of these shifts. People are breaking free from the status quo and pursuing what they were put on Earth to do. People are releasing oppressive structures that limit them and daring to create new, liberating ways of life. You, Scorpio, are at the forefront of this universal metamorphosis, and you may notice these changes taking place in the way you treat yourself and those you love. Face uncomfortable truths in your life about what needs to change for you to feel most free. When you liberate yourself you liberate the world.

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