Wonderful things can happen today, Scorpio! The Moon is in Pisces and it makes a harmonious alignment with Jupiter in Capricorn, helping us step out of our little bubbles and understand that everything’s connected. Then later today the Pisces Moon merges with Neptune, also in Pisces. You may find it challenging to focus on more practical matters today — you’re more in the mood to dream, to fly, to float, to make love, to sing, and to visualize a more peaceful world into existence. People you come in contact with today could expand your way of thinking about yourself and the world, and you may find that you’re letting down your guard with greater ease, and even dare I say, allowing yourself to trust them. That’s right, Scorpio, you’re slowly learning how to trust again. You’re accepting that just because you’ve been hurt or deceived before doesn’t mean that’s all you’re meant to experience. If the vibes feel right with a new individual, opportunity or experience, then say yes to your blessings and keep activating your ascension.