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August 3, 2019

This is a perfect day to invite more order, clarity and structure in your life, Scorpio. The Moon in Virgo activates your social network sector. There’s a lot going on around you, so make sure you’re feeling centered in the midst of it all. Do so by getting clear about what your priorities are, and not being afraid to say no, delegate tasks, or change your mind. Once the Moon makes an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, you’ll find yourself thinking of ways to make sure you’re expressing your creativity with ease. If there are any projects or dreams you’ve been meaning to do but you’ve put on the back burner, use these next 8 days before Jupiter goes direct to initiate such projects. The Universe is reminding you of what you’ve always wanted to do. Your inner child is speaking to you. Weed out all the distractions and turn up the volume so you can hear yourself loud and clear.

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