This morning, I woke up and thought, “Once the kids have eaten, I should write the SMscope. Then I should purge my closet and finish my work from yesterday”. But then my higher self said, “Girl, stop. Take a breather. Close your eyes. Listen to the birds chirping. Watch the rays of sunlight poking through your curtains. Take a deep breath and start off the day doing something for you.” So that’s what I did. I drank water. Asked for help with the kids. Worked out. Ate a delicious breakfast. Took a warm shower using a sugar scrub my friend gave me. Took my time getting moisturized and dressed. And then, once I prioritized nurturing myself, I was able to sit down and write this horoscope. And because I put myself first, and I’m working on doing this as a habit, I’ll better be able to serve others, and I will probably feel relaxed enough to write tomorrow’s scope a bit earlier. There’s one day til the New Moon in Virgo, Scorpio. Your mission for today, and every day, is to nurture yourself first, intentionally and consistently, so you can gift the Universe the best of yourself. And as you do so, the world will keep nourishing and protecting you.