Enjoy this final day of Leo Season by basking in the sunlight and treating life like your playground. You’ve been embodying fierce lion energy these past four weeks. Even if your entire foundation was shaking, you strutted through these streets with your crown firmly on your head, wowing the world with every move you made. Now that Venus, the Planet of Love & Magnetism, has entered Virgo, and the Sun is about to join Venus there too, you’ll find yourself consciously slowing down and becoming honest about what your insecurities are. Once you admit them, you’ll start to see that you’re not alone. We collectively must face what we feel insecure about, and make sure that we’re not letting our perfectionism hold us back from going after what we desire. Make one move today that you’ve been wanting to make all month long. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel 100% prepared. This final day of Leo Season can lead to you manifesting a major dream if you decide to feel the fear and do it anyways. It’s better to take the leap now than wish you had later. The Universe is supporting your momentum.