Remember how we said we left self-sabotage in 2019? Well cut yourself some slack if you notice it attempting to creep back up again today, Scorpio. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is currently retrograde in Taurus, and Mars, the Planet of Action, is slowing down and preparing to go retrograde in three weeks. Retrograde season is all about making sure we’ve learned and integrated key lessons. After yesterday’s Leo New Moon, you may realize how everything you’ve ever wanted is very much within your reach. That may be terrifying to you, because your manifestation powers are quickening and you’re starting to ask yourself if you really want what you said you once wanted. Breathe, Scorpio. This is a normal part of your ascension. I dare you to feel the fear and keep going. Mercury’s shift into Virgo today will gift you great mental concentration and spiritual discipline. You’ll make it through this cocoon phase and you’ll be glad you persevered.