You may find that tonight’s Leo New Moon is everything you needed to feel recharged and ready for your next level. It makes a harmonious alignment to Mars in Aries, and unites with Mercury in Leo, helping you understand your worth, talents and potential in a refreshing way. It’ll feel as though you’re finally seeing yourself, the new self you’ve morphed into. But also know that since we’re still feeling the effects of the dark-of-the-moon period, you sometimes have to remain in the depths a bit longer before you fully bloom. So don’t force yourself to immediately set new moon intentions today if you need a bit more time to rest and center yourself. This is a pretty phenomenal new moon for Scorpios because it activates our sectors of career and service, and the work we do in the world is about to be amplified considerably these next six months. You can tell that nothing will be the same by Aquarius Season 2021. So honor where you are right now while being grateful for where you’re headed.