We’re officially in the dark of the moon period, which is the period of days before a New Moon where we find ourselves reflecting on what we’ve been avoiding talking about, healing, or surrendering. This week’s Leo New Moon on the 18th activates Scorpio’s reputation and career sector. Today is an ideal time to acknowledge where you may be feeling imposter syndrome or insecurities. These are normal feelings that shouldn’t be suppressed, but rather seen and interpreted in a way that allows you to move past the blockages you once felt, with a more compassionate perspective. With the Sun and Mercury both meeting up in Leo as the week begins, you’ll have an “aha” moment regarding where and how you’ve been holding yourself back from fully shining and blooming to your full potential. Thank your past self for feeling the fear — it means you’re dreaming big enough. It means you’ve committed to your rebirth. And now’s your chance to create the life your new self has been visualizing. Give yourself permission to.