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August 14, 2019

We are one day away from the Aquarius Full Moon, and we can feel its energy coursing through our lives, encouraging us to revolutionize every part of our lives that feels outdated and inauthentic. It is time to boldly pave your own path, no matter how unconventional or “out there” it may be. It’s time to bravely share your talents and gifts the world, no matter how intimidating it may feel. It’s time to learn how to healthily detach from anxieties that are not yours to carry, and burdens that are not yours to hold. This Full Moon represents the culmination of a six-month journey in your roots and domesticity sector. You are learning how to view home as a state of mind, an essence, an energy. You are finding home within yourself, and being your own source of security, while allowing others to bless you with their support and wisdom. This Full Moon changes the game because it frees you from your own limiting beliefs, and ends a cycle where you doubted yourself and what you are here to do. Live with the knowledge that you are divinely guided and protected.

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