Today’s Taurus Moon asks us to mellow out about everything in our lives, from our career to our relationships. It’s making a harmonious connection to Jupiter in Capricorn, and this activates Scorpio’s communication and partnership sectors. We’re listening to our inner voice more intently, and we’re able to distinguish our more anxious thoughts from our more grounded perspectives. While the Leo Sun and Taurus Moon may amp up our more stubborn or fixed side today, an alignment between the Moon and Neptune in Pisces reminds us to direct that energy towards self-care and creative outlets. Invest time in that passion project you’ve been dreaming of. Dramatically turn off your phone and take a break from meeting deadlines. There’s no need to put constant pressure on yourself, Scorpio. Trust that all is unfolding as it’s meant to. The more you take care of yourself, the more you thrive.