Mercury retrograde is officially over, the Leo New Moon has taken place, and a new month has begun. There’s no need to rush out of the starting gates today, placing pressure on yourself to make this the best month ever. Understand that the more expectations you place on things, the less likely you are to be happy, or present, with what is. So as much as you may try to control the way this month goes, or ensure that everything is perfect, the beauty of this New Moon energy is that the Universe has a plan for you that’s bigger than what you can currently conceptualize. Take a deep breath and commit to setting intentions that make you feel good today. That’s the main requirement. Feeling good. Let go of needing to know how your intentions will manifest, or if they even will. Just write down a story of what it feels like to live boldly, freely, authentically, creatively, and fully liberated. There’s no wrong or right answer, but by admitting your own desires to yourself, you plant the seed for your new world to bloom and your soul opens up to your divine path and purpose. This month will be whatever it’s meant to be — just focus on feeling grounded and free.