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April 8, 2018

Today’s Quarter Moon in Capricorn is about restructuring key aspects of your life so that they’re aligned with where you truly want to be, and not what you’ve been conditioned to be doing. A new week is about to begin, and instead of doing the same old routine, take time to decide what you don’t want to spend energy on anymore, and create a game plan for eliminating such tasks or obligations from your life. You may believe things have to be a certain way, but it’s when you decide to make a lifestyle change, no matter how scary, that your life will expand and you’ll manifest the changes you seek. Just remember that you can take baby steps during this process, especially since there’s one more week left of Mercury Retrograde. There’s no need to overhaul every aspect of your life at once, but be intentional about what no longer serves you, Scorpio. Be courageous enough to make room for what brings you the ultimate joy.

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