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April 7, 2019

The Moon in Taurus makes today a good day for mellowing out, resting, and getting ready for next week using a step by step approach. Aries Season may be increasing your feelings of restlessness, so anytime you start to feel bombarded with thoughts of all the things you should be doing or plans you should be initiating, take a deep breath and remind yourself of what you actually want to be doing. Focus on that first, Scorpio. Stop putting self-care at the end of your to-do list. It should be at the very top. This week’s New Moon is asking you to commit to prioritizing your mental, spiritual and physical health. Once you start doing so, all of your plans will start coming into place. People will reach out to you with amazing ideas or connections, like bees to honey. This all will happen as a result of you being aligned with your “why”.

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