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April 6, 2019

Yesterday’s Aries New Moon will be felt throughout April 15th, encouraging us all to start fresh in any area of our lives that previously felt stagnant. Now that the Moon has shifted into Taurus, you’re thinking about your relationships and partnerships, but not from the same fixed mindset that you once had. You have a greater ability to detach from past experiences and view people for who they are in the present moment. As the sign of change, transformation and evolution, you of all people know that someone can be radically different today than they were a year ago, or even a month ago. With Uranus also in your partnership sector until 2026, you’re learning to trust in people’s evolution and not be so self-protective due to past hurts. That doesn’t mean you’ll let anyone into your life (or back into it), but it does mean you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by how much people are able to show up for you, respect you, and love you. This is all happening because you’ve been showing up for yourself, respecting yourself, and loving yourself, Scorpio. Everything’s connected.

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