The final day of April will have you reflecting on how badass you are, Scorpio. There were days this month where you struggled to keep it together, but that’s because you realized perfection is an illusion. Now that you’ve learned to embrace both the highs and lows of life, you feel less dependent on having to have everything under control. Uranus in Taurus is helping you loosen your grips on life and simply enjoy the ride, as unpredictable as it may be. With the Moon still in Pisces today, your softer and more compassionate side emerges, allowing you to share what’s on your heart to someone who just “gets” it. Don’t spend your time worrying if things are too good to be true. Start knowing your worth and value. People want to speak to you and be around you, so get used to it. Just be intentional about who you’re sharing your energy with, and all will be well.