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April 10, 2019

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, begins its 4-month retrograde today at 1pm EST. It’s a good time to meditate on the life you’re living with a spirit of gratitude and hopefulness. Even if so many things are up in the air right now, this retrograde will help you slow down and gain clarity on what matters most to you and why. Your ability to grow your financial and spiritual wealth deepens with this transit, and you’ll find yourself being more intentional about what you invest your time, energy and resources into. Your connection to humanity also deepens at this time, and between now and August 11 you may make friends who help you on your personal evolution journey, with whom you feel aligned and enlightened. Someone from the past may resurface and change your life for the better. The key throughout Jupiter Retrograde is to remain open to the Universe’s blessings, which may come through in unexpected ways…

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