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Daily Horoscopes

June 23, 2017

Happy New Moon, Scorpio! Tonight, at 10:32pm Eastern Time, the New Moon in Cancer will take place, infusing your life with such powerful new energy. If you’ve had revelations in your dreams lately, hold on to them, because the Universe is trying to tell you something about the direction your life is going. So many possibilities exist within and around you, Scorpio. You can and will have it all. The key is to stay focused and really prioritize your passions and purpose. Take the time to write down clear and specific intentions you have for the next six months. There’s no dream that’s too big for you to achieve. You just have to be clear about why you want it. The Cancer New Moon is all about giving birth to new creations in your life, either literally or figuratively. This is your chance to really create a new paradigm in your life, one that will fill you with joy and excitement. So start visualizing, Scorpio. This is your life to live.

June 22, 2017

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Cancer today, lighting up your expansion, travel, higher education and spirituality sector, Scorpio. The next three weeks will have you feeling ultra adventurous and passionate. This is a great time to step out of your comfort zone, spread your wings, and fly. This is doubled due to the fact that the Sun’s in Cancer for the next four weeks, also lighting up that zone of your life. You’ll be feeling an internal urge to be your best self, and that means truly distancing yourself from distractions, pettiness, drama, or people you’ve outgrown. It can be hard for a Scorpio to let go, because you’re used to being so loyal, but this is a period where you’ll attract new friends who have your level of consciousness and who also want to evolve for the better. Your old friendships may be tested, and you’ll know who your true friends are based on the way they make you feel. All in all, you’ll feel grateful for this period in your life because you’ll clearly see who’s in and who’s out. Enjoy the expansion!

June 21, 2017

The Summer Solstice begins today in the Northern Hemisphere, making today the longest day of the year. It’s also the start of Cancer Season. The Sun is officially in a Water Sign again for the next four weeks, meaning that you’re in your element. Cancer is a sentimental, nostalgic, moody, compassionate and nurturing sign, so those are the main themes that you’ll be dealing with this season. Since Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, is currently retrograde in the Water Sign of Pisces, themes from the past will also be surfacing in your life. Past relationships, friendships, and experiences may re-emerge, but you’re being asked to look at them in a new light. Everyone and everything that you encounter in life is meant to teach you something. So rather than wallowing in hurt or frustration, try to figure out what lesson you’re supposed to learn. We’re two days away from a magical New Moon in Cancer that will shower you with fresh energy. So your mission for this Summer Solstice is to get rid of all the shit weighing you down. Your new beginning awaits.

June 20, 2017

These last ten days of the month can be full of excitement, productivity and joy, Scorpio. The Moon is now in Taurus, lighting up your partnership sector for the next two days. You will gravitate towards people whom you see potential in, and vice versa. This is a great time to collaborate on a joint venture with someone equally passionate as you. Be selective with whom you choose to work with — think quality over quantity. Create a game plan of what you hope to accomplish by the end of the month of June, and work your way backwards. This is an ideal time to find an accountability buddy in work or fitness, to make sure you’re staying on top of things and not making any excuses. Any perfectionist streaks will also have to be put on hold. Trust yourself enough to put your work out there, even if it’s a work in progress.

June 19, 2017

There is strength in vulnerability, Scorpio. There will be a New Moon in Cancer this Friday, June 23, so the days before the New Moon are all about tying up loose ends, and making room for the fresh energy that’s about to enter your life. Cancer is the sign of fertility, motherhood, sentimentality and nurturing. This week is about getting very clear about what you’d like to birth in your life. It could be a new relationship, a new job, a new home, or a new way of thinking and living. Cancer energy can also be moody, nostalgic and sentimental, and with Neptune Retrograde’s energy fresh in the cosmos, this week may also have you all up in your feels, feeling many things at once. There is a way to observe your thoughts and emotions without letting them cloud your judgment or overwhelm you. The key is to not let them be all bottled up within yourself. Find a way to healthily release all that passionate energy before Friday’s New Moon.

June 18, 2017

You have so much going for you that sometimes you don’t even know which path you should begin taking, Scorpio. You could be the diva, the entrepreneur, the actress, the politician, the writer, the stargazer, the singer, the lawyer, the model, the student, the designer, the — you get the point. You can be anything you envision. You were born to play around with all of these possibilities, Scorpio. So stop rushing. Stop feeling like you have to play catch up. You are exactly where you need to be. Today, the Moon is in Aries, the sign that has to do with being self-focused. If you take the time to figure out what makes you feel alive, you won’t feel as all over the place or scattered as you have in the past. You’ll devote your energy to being present, abundant, hopeful and proud of all of your passions and interests. You were born to do it all, on your own timing, in your own unique way.

June 17, 2017

Pay attention to who has been genuinely supporting you, Scorpio, and who has just been leeching off of your energy. While the only recognition that matters is the one that comes from within, you’re also slowing down your manifestation process when you stay surrounded by people whose vibrations lower yours. That means that if you’ve maintained a friendship or relationship out of loyalty, but the energy doesn’t feel reciprocated, genuine, or organic, it may be time to let it go… The same goes for people who may be wanting to re-enter your life right as you’re in the midst of your major glow up phase. Were they with you when you were shooting in the gym? What makes them think they deserve a piece of your delicious pie now? Stop feeling bad for having high standards and for wanting to set clear boundaries. You know your worth, so fully own it.

June 16, 2017

Did you really think that the Universe was going to fast-forward to October 2017, when Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, enters your zodiac sign, without making you work for it, Scorpio? Time’s an illusion, so the best thing you can do right now is pretend that it’s already October 2017. Your blessings are already here. They’ve always been here. The danger is when you reach for something outside of yourself, like an exciting date in the calendar, an exciting opportunity, or an exciting person to make you happy. You have to be joyful with what you have right now if you want to be joyful with what you’ll have “later”. Neptune Retrograde begins today, and this transit will make you extra sensitive. There will be times when you’ll have to face past hurts and decide whether to let them make you fearful, or make you stronger. Just know that anytime you’re tested the way you are now, it’s because you have what it takes to make it through.

June 15, 2017

We’re one day away from Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, going retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Since Neptune’s currently in a fellow Water Sign, your intuitive abilities are skyrocketing. It’s still best for you to take what you know and absorb it internally rather than react impulsively. During these next five months, Neptune Retrograde will help you have x-ray vision like never before. You’ll be able to see through people and situations, and your gut-instincts will be super heightened. The Universe is trying to show you something about the type of experiences and situations you tend to attract. If you’ve noticed a pattern that you’re ready to end, then this is the time to do some soul searching and figure out why this lesson keeps on repeating itself. It probably means you still have some learning to do. If you notice a pattern in your relationships that pleases you, keep doing your thing, with an eye on attracting more of what you love and less of what makes you feel off. And remember Scorpio, every single vibe you feel is actually born within you.

June 14, 2017

As we approach the middle of the month of June, make sure to check-in with the goals you’ve set for yourself this month, Scorpio. You’re approaching the crossroads between the Full Moon (that took place on June 9) and the upcoming New Moon (which will take place on June 23), and this is a phase where it’s best to work diligently and consistently on your projects, without letting yourself get too distracted along the way. It’s also an ideal time for making necessary adjustments in your professional and social life so that you can sense greater balance and ease in all that you do. If you haven’t checked in with friends in a while because you’ve been busy grinding, today would be a good day to do so. The same goes if the opposite is true and you’ve been a bit too mellow — find ways to motivate yourself to stay on track. Today’s energy is about finding a state of equilibrium between work and play.

June 13, 2017

As a Scorpio, you’re a pro at seeing through people, cutting to the core of who they are. This can make you quite intimidating, but it can also lead to you feeling overwhelmed by your intuitive powers. Now that the Moon’s in Aquarius, you’ll be able to look at such abilities from a more detached perspective, and understand that your intuition allows you to sense what’s meant for you, who’s meant for you, and where you’re meant to further grow and evolve. Today, it’s best to be a quiet observer of your environment, your social group, and your vibes. Resist the urge to act impulsively, and simply let the more subconscious aspects of life reveal to you what you need to know. As Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, gets ready to go retrograde this week, all the veils are coming off. Even if your light makes some people uncomfortable, you should keep shining anyways. Shine for yourself, Scorpio.

June 12, 2017

In a world of distractions, be your own muse, Scorpio. That’s the theme for this new week. You have so many talents and gifts within yourself with which to be inspired, and with which to create, innovate and make an impact. Focus on your own power, as much as possible. Harness your gifts in a way that makes you feel productive and purposeful. Your mind is a muscle, and you have to train it to reach its greatest potential by weeding out the nonessentials and the things that thwart your growth. This week, you’ll have to exert more will and determination to achieve what you want. But if you put in the work with consistency and ease, your results will astound you.