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March 21, 2018

The Moon shifts into Taurus today, highlighting your partnership sector and helping you have a fresh look at your closest relationships and friendships. The recent New Moon and equinox is encouraging you to try a new approach to communicating your needs and desires. Aries Season vibes encourages using light-heartedness and humor to get your point across — no need to be too serious about everything, Scorpio. However, the Taurus Moon will highlight your desire to have reciprocity, loyalty and commitment from your unions, so if you’ve felt any wishy-washiness at all, feel free to clear the air. Just keep in mind that Mercury Retrograde begins tomorrow, so it’s best to avoid drama or misunderstandings. You’ll get through this retrograde with ease if you become more confident in your own thought-process and avoid overanalyzing every emotion that pops up.

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