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February 21, 2018

Venus, the Planet of Love, makes its annual conjunction with Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy today. Both planets are in Pisces right now, which is why our creativity has been at an all-time high. Today is a beautiful day for spreading love, joy, and making art. If you’ve been putting off a passion project because you’re waiting for the “right time” to give it your full attention, consider this a wake-up call. Today is the day. Even if you have to sneak off work early, work on your lunch break, or stay up late tonight, dedicate one hour or more to uninterrupted creation. You will be astounded at what you manifest once you stop procrastinating and commit to doing what brings your heart joy. Even if you think it’s going to take time or that you need more resources, you’ll be surprised at how much the Universe aligns to provide you with what you need once you get started. Simply begin.

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Welcome to the first full week of Pisces Season, Scorpio. This week is about changing your view of what “productivity” means. You won’t necessarily be in the mood to put in constant work to reach a certain goal. Pisces energy is non-linear. It’s all about floating and flowing your way through life, letting your internal … Continued

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