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November 18, 2018

The Moon enters Aries today, and aligns with Jupiter in Sagittarius, helping boost our self-confidence. Today’s a great day to physically move your body and focus on getting your mind, body and soul aligned. Spend time visualizing the best possible scenario for any given situation, and acting as though what you desire already is a reality in your life. Don’t let Mercury Retrograde stop you from making moves on projects you’ve been dreaming of all year long. This is actually a great time to switch up your lifestyle for the better and raising your vibration so you can attract what you really want. Commit to your truth, Scorpio.

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We are in the final 10 days of the Sun being in Scorpio, which means that this week you’ll be feeling the energy of Scorpio Season quite profoundly. The week begins with the Capricorn Moon engaging with the Scorpio Sun, so you may be feeling more serious and determined than ever. You have your eyes … Continued

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Scorpio’s November 2018 Horoscope

Welcome to November, Scorpio. This Scorpio Season is activated with an abundance of powerful energy, especially since Jupiter spends its final 8 days in our sign this November. But don’t worry — the luck from Jupiter in Scorpio will remain for far longer than just November 8. This month you’ll feel a tremendous shift as … Continued

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