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March 23, 2019

The Moon has entered Scorpio, and when you blend that energy with the fiery Aries Sun, expect lots of passion and intensity to permeate your day. You’ll vacillate from being lost in your complex thoughts and emotions, to then seeking to get out there, take action and be adventurous. Try to indulge in a bit of both today, Scorpio… You can start off the day in a reflective mood, and allow yourself to be moody if you want to. But by this afternoon or tonight, use the Aries Season energy to do something exciting and wild (just not too reckless because of Mercury Retrograde). Remind yourself of the fluidity of life and emotions… You can feel a certain way in one instant, and then consciously choose to feel something else later. Don’t get so fixed and stuck in your emotional world that you forget to explore your carefree, spontaneous side, Scorpio.

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