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April 22, 2018

Pluto Retrograde begins today, lasting for a little under 5 months, and showing us just how powerful the life of being a Phoenix Scorpio truly is. Phoenix Scorpios burn from their ashes to become reborn, but there’s an entire underground process of facing what needs to be burnt that we often don’t talk about. This retrograde will help you find the words and emotions for such an emotional awakening, Scorpio. If you’re a writer, public speaker, educator, or artist of any kind, you may create some of your best work during this retrograde. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, challenge yourself to find an outlet to pour your profound feelings into. You could end up with an inspiring screenplay, book draft, song, poem, or art piece that blows you and the entire world away. No one truly understands the depths of a Scorpio’s soul, but Pluto Retrograde will give people a glimpse of your endless magic — and they won’t get enough of it.

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